As most of you notice i see some admins inavtive, see some simi-active & i see some active which is awasome, The main reason on why is becouse i see some simi-active admins busy around wikis which is fine,

- Also anytime a user asks can i be a admin no more then twice i ask you must comment bellow after the secend message ask us why you want to become a admin or such,

- Premoting/Blocking a users: anytime a user does something appropraite on any wikis he/she as a user will be noticed at some point by a admin likeky being premoted without ones notice, If the user does great things the user will like notice it he/she is to continue there work there info continue to inprove the wikis, Anytime a user does inapropraite thing's like: 

-i.e Spams Troll Vandalize or such inapropraite behavior's on any wikis are hereby blocked or banned from chat for a day or so to learn what that user whois done wrong the more inapropraite behavior's the more i or someone will most likely streach the ban/block longer the more the users/wikia contributors do it the longrer.

Projects - At some point in time a user will ask someone about one of these to add some color to the wiki as long as it is appropraite the user needs to then post the Wordart for the main title or the background in comments for us as admins to agree to disagree on the art itself

News - I gotta say we could do events in like a news blog or something to post in on the latest news/projects or activity's around the wikis..

Demotions - BIg one anytime a admin i request no more then a year time i request that if the admin is no longer active on the wikis network in a year needs to request his/her demotion reason is one due to inactivity one two he/she needs to be sent a message to see if there active still? Three if they are they'll keep there statuses as admin or whatever there status is if there not the need to request it here in comments for me to demote them i'll then get on Community Central & message the staff for demotions as a user & demote them alone

Chat rules - 6 - Fakery isn't allowed on chat nor wikis as a user contributor or e.t.c!

1 - Don't Spam, or Troll, Flood, Swear 

2 - Be Nice & Polite

3 - No Conflicts with each other!

4 - Don't say anything inapropraite

5 - No inpersonating someone else