Dragon - Weakness to Fairy types as well as other types as well like Ice and Dragon

Fighting - Weakness to Flying & Psychic types and Fairy types

Fire - Has a weakness to water & some other types like Ground and Rock

Flying - Weakness to Electic types, Ice and Rock

Fairy - Weakness to Poison and Steel types 

Ghost - Weakness to Ghost and Dark types

Grass -  Weakness to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying and Bug types

Ground - Weakness to Water, Grass and Ice types 

Ice - Weakness to Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel types 

Normal - Weakness to Fighting types 

Poison - Weakness to Ground and Psychic types 

Psychic - Weakness to Bug, Ghost and Dark types 

Rock - Weakness to Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel types 

Steel - Weakness to Fire, Fighting and Ground types 

Water - Weakness to Electric and Grass types

Dark - Weakness to Fighting, Bug and Fairy types 

Electric - Weakness to Ground types 

Bug - Weakness to Fire, Flying and Rock types