Note: This guide may not be something that is certain, as different people will have their own set of rules when comes to trading.

  •  Those pokemon that seems to be unwanted by others that you have trouble of trading them off, like example metallic. Just train them to 100-200k or more experience points. For me, I will trade my normal pokemon to 1 mill exp and trade them away for special legendary pokemon. Then trade them for something even more valuable. My style is 1 mill exp pokemon = worth for a legendary pokemon. A legendary pokemon with 1 mill exp worth for 2 legendary pokemon. Those legendary pokemon that can mega evolve but difficult to obtain the required item to mega evolve (like Primal Groundon), they will sure worth for 2 or more legendary.

Starter Pokemon = worth for 3-6 pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon = worth for 12-20 non legendary pokemon.

  •  Shiny (nice looking) and shadow (evil looking) pokemon are the most wanted due to their looks. Mystic pokemon are good for battles are they can scare the foe pokemon by 1 turn.
  •  Happiness evolved pokemon and events pokemon that are non-legendary they should be receive the similar status and value of legendary pokemon. People do accept these pokemon for their legendary pokemon.
  •  Some legendary pokemon do seems to be higher value than the others, due to their looks, type and able to learn good move sets.
  •  Normally I will buy and set good move sets for rare, starter, happiness evolved and legendary pokemon. As they deserve respect, a bonus from me for other traders and increase the value of your pokemon.
  •  Do donate off normal and non-legendary pokemon to others, so to make the pokemon vortex community even better to promote generosity and selfless atmosphere. You will never know that one day these people may repay you with good pokemon, able to form strong clan with them or something from your good karma deeds.