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A new addition to pokemon vortex is sidequests. Sidequests comes as it's own side game of Vortex where you can battle through each region from various versions of the Pokemon games and Anime. There are 14 sets of sidequests in total which will eventually calculate to over 1212 battles to complete to win badges and prizes for your account. Sidequests works in a way, you can't re-battle an opponent to ensure people can't repeat prizes but this isn't fully the case. In the Options tab, you can reset your sidequests to redo them, this will set you right back to the very first battle of Kanto sidequests. (taken straight from main site)

Kanto Sidequests

In Kanto, there are about 102 sidequests. Near the end of Kanto, you will encounter three trainers named ???, ???, and ???, which have Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres (in order), and they don't come right after one another, maybe every 5 battles one will show up. You can check your URL to see your sidequest number. Be ready with a team of six legendaries or pseudo legendaries.

Johto Sidequests

As with Kanto Sidequests, there are about 100...I am typing as I battle along. At sidequest number 202 is a trainer also named ??? that has Raikou, Entei AND Suicune, all level 120. I am also lagging extremely, each attack taking a few minutes to load..

So, I'm back, and 2 battles after the first ??? is another ???. This ??? has just one Celebi, not hard.

Sevii Islands Sidequests

At battle number 211 there is a ??? trainer (again, yes) with Moltres, Shiny Moltres and Dark Moltres.