What is a Legendary Pokémon''?Edit

Legendary Pokémon are a group of extremely rare Pokémon that have appeared throughout the game series and are now present and extremely ULTIMATELY rare on Pokémon Vortex.

How to unlock Legendary PokémonEdit

Unlike regular Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon cannot just be randomly encountered in the wild at anytime after acquiring all Gym Badges and defeating all Elites. There are certain unlock requirements that must be met before such Pokémon will appear.

In order to make legendary Pokémon appear on Maps you must first defeat every Gym Leader every Elite Four member every Champion and every Battle Frontier master from every region and recieve the Achievements :

  • All Gyms and Elite 4's complete
  • All Champions complete
  • Hoenn Battle Frontier complete
  • Sinnoh Battle Frontier complete
  • Battle Maison Complete

Where to find Legendary PokémonEdit

For information on the locations of all pokémon available on the Maps see the page: Legendary Locations

Other InformationEdit

  • Unlike normal Pokémon who appear in the wild legendary Pokémon appear at a much higher level (appoximately 60) so be careful when hunting for Legendarys.
  • Some Legendarys become available as a lottery prize or as an event prize so watch out for limited edition Legendarys as they are released.
  • Legendary Pokémon can be found in all Pokémon Types so keep an eye out for the even rarer shadow, mystic, dark,mettalic and shiny Legendarys